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KFC Gaming revealed KFConsole

KFC Gaming Revealed KFConsole:

we all thought that KFC were joking and we all laughed at them but it turns out they have the last laugh the KFC console or KFConsole is real.

KFC Gaming Console
KFC Gaming Console

let's get started with this alright to kick things off back in june kfc gaming posted the tweet of a ridiculous video for a brand new console nobody believed it was real myself included and then in november kfc gaming posted the tweet as a play on the cyberpunk 2077 delays

KFC Gaming Console

but they weren't delaying the release of the console they said it was coming out december 11th

And then on december 11th when the console is supposed to release kfc gaming posted

KFC Gaming Console

this tweet stating that the console is delayed by another week until december 18th and then on december 18th when the console was supposed to release they posted the

ridiculous countdown that spanned a few days until today when they finally revealed the console and the legitimacy of this console was confirmed by mark walton who is in charge of pr over at intel and he says yes it's real yes it's powered by intel and yes it has a chicken warmer so the kfc console or kfconsole considering that's how it's spelled here

KFC Gaming Console

is built by cooler master and

yes it's ridiculous they state

this will play games at 4k 240 frames per second

and it has the

world's first built-in chicken chamber

so this chicken chamber apparently is just a removable tray that you can stick chicken fingers in and they're kept warm based on the natural heat generated from the system

In terms of horsepower they state it will be powered by an intel NUC 9 extreme compute element

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in terms of a graphics card they don't state specifically what'll be in this machine if it'll have anything at all but what they do state is that it will have a hot swappable gpu slot

So we are kind of curious to see how that's going to work.

Now in terms of storage

this one is written a little confusingly so

bear with us here they state two Seagate Barracuda one terabyte ssd

so we don't know if that's two seagate barracudas at 500 gigs each to total one terabyte or if that's two seagate barracudas at one terabyte

KFC Gaming Console

each to total two terabytes and on top of that they've got a picture of a fire cuda.

But no mention of a fire cuda in the description so we really don't know what they're going to have.

They also say this system will support ray tracing but they have no mention of specific graphics cards so we really don't know how that's gonna work so with all of that being said there's still some thing that we don't know about this console.

We don't have the full technical specs

we don't know the release date and we

don't know the price

according to rumors it's probably priced at a thousand dollars.

But what we do know is that this console is going to beat the PS5 and the xbox series x

Simply because it has the world's first built-in chicken chamber that's pretty epic in all seriousness this machine is ridiculous and awesome all at the same time we were pleasantly surprised that it actually exists and we are looking forward to learning more about it but anyways that is all i've got for today let me know your thoughts on the kfc console in the comments below.

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